Stand y Atriles

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Atril para Guitarra GS518 Superlux

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Stand Atril para Guitarra resistente No arriesgues tu guitarra con stand que no te dan seguridad. Tipo de producto Soportes y trípodes Soporte de guitarra tipo Material de acero Recubrimiento en polvo superficial Color negro Adecuado para guitarras acústicas,...

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Banco para pie de guitarrista GS017 El stand o atril mas barato pero sin duda el mas resistente y que hace la vida mas comoda a los bajistas y guitarras del mundo Tipo de producto Accesorios de Guitarra Material metalico Color negro Ajuste de altura 4 incrementos...

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Soporte para Guitarra plegable Gravity

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*GARANTIA DE POR VIDA   QUICK FOLDING Bring security with you where it matters most on the road. The STARFISH+ folds down to half its size in seconds, so you will never have to choose between security and a seedy setup again. SAFE FOR ALL FINISHES Guitars are...

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  2X AS  STABL E The starfish can handle the kicks punches, bumps and pushes that send our competitors to the floor. While other stands fall over with only 15 degrees of tilt, the Starfish stands its ground enduring over 30. It all comes down to a stand that’s...

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With its compact size, portability, durable construction, and weighing in at a little more than the average guitar cable, the D&A Gigstand Acoustic is one of the coolest innovations developed in guitar stands. The sleek design holds most acoustic guitars, collapses in two simple steps...