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*Envio incluido Tienes alguna duda? contactanos te responderemos de inmediato!   Mezcladora Digital Profesional de 48 canales:...

*Envio incluido

Tienes alguna duda? contactanos te responderemos de inmediato!


Mezcladora Digital Profesional de 48 canales:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ► 48 entradas line/mic, + 4 estereo in + 4 Retornos de Efectos ( Total  64Ch)                                                                                               

►Ganancias de control Digital  Memorizable  (RH Recallable HeadAmp)

►24 Envio Auxiliares, 8 Matrix,  Buses  L,R y C                                                                    

►8 Procesadores de efectos simultaneos                                                                                                                                               ►Hasta 21  Ecualizadores Graficos de 31 bandas                                                                                                                                                                                              ► Faders de 100mm, 2 procesadores dinámicos y PEQ de 4 bandas por canal                              

►Capacidad Surround  Hasta 6.1


►4 Slot de Expansion. 

                                                                                                                                                                              ► Incluye 3 Lamparas LA5000

A Choice of Head Amps: PM5D or PM5D-RH

The basic PM5D and PM5D-RH consoles differ only in input functionality. The PM5D features standard high-performance head amps, while the PM5D-RH adds head-amp recall capability that allows head amp gain settings to be recalled along with the other console scene data.

Versatile Configuration with Flexible I/O Patching Capability

In a surprisingly compact frame that weighs only around 100 kilograms, the PM5D offers 48 mono and 4 stereo inputs, 24 mix buses and 2 stereo outputs, and 8 matrix outputs (expandable). The mix buses can be switched to "variable" mode for use as auxiliary buses, or to "fix" mode for pre- or post-pan group bus operation. A full complement of physical I/O connectors provides further patching capability and broad system compatibility. While internal digital I/O patching offers extraordinary signal-routing control when needed, the PM5D has dedicated connectors for straightforward connection without the need for patching, in much the same way that you'd set up a conventional analog console. But you can bring the power of digital patching into play whenever you need to specify insert points, direct outs, metering points, dynamic processor key-in points.a vast range of patching capabilities that simply would not have been possible in the analog domain.

PM5D-EX Expanded Digital Mixing System for Double I/O Capacity and Processing Power

If the capacity provided by the PM5D console alone doesn't meet your requirements, the PM5D-EX system might be just what you need. This powerful live sound and recording package combines a Yamaha PM5D Digital Mixing Console with a DSP5D Digital Mixing System, giving you the I/O and processing capacity of two PM5D consoles controlled from a single control surface: that's a total of 96 mono and 8 stereo input channels in a very flexible, powerful configuration. After a few simple connections the DSP5D becomes an integral part of the PM5D console, and can be controlled from the PM5D control surface in the same way as the internal functions. So although you have 96 microphone inputs and 48 omni outputs (24 mix buses and 16 matrix buses) as well as doubled processing power, you can simply plug in your sources and output devices and mix right away without having to work through another learning curve. The PM5D-EX system is available with the either the PM5D or PM5D-RH console.

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